A massive American film company is announcing the cast for ‘Find Mark’ by Rebecca Simmonds. Filming is set to start sometime in the distant future.

Matt Damon……Howard Green

Owen Wilson……Mark Doolerhead

Meryl Streep…..The Crazed Witch

Goldie Hawn…..The Angel

  Liz Smith….Rosemary Hicks

Open auditions are currently being held for the roles of Rover and Ronald. Interviews on how Howard Green feels with the decision on Matt Damon coming soon…
This is a blog of fiction. Names, characters, are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Getting yourself out there as an author…

It’s a daunting prospect. You’ve spent years writing a book only to be told, that’s the easy bit and better get yourself a platform… publishers & agents want people with an audience, and anyway what’s your market cause you gotta know your ma… and ending up with your already delicate brian (having spent a year and a half writing about a fantasy afterlife or something) processing this as 2873y7ye732y78y8**&^&^%^%%6755H. Lucky for me, I bumped into Dam Good Publishing and they’re good at promoting and they know just what to do and what they’re doing is GETTING ME INTERVIEWS ON BLOGS. So that’s a start, get yourself some interviews and get yourself out there as an author. Apparently starting a blog is a must too, and so here I am and here’s the first interview that I’ve done.
Many thanks to Beyond Words and Dam Good Publishing for this interview.

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A poem by my dad…

My Dad astounds me. He just comes out with poems, they roll off his tongue like water. He says he can’t be bothered to write them down, so I do for him. Sometimes they just pop into his head. Here’s a good old death shanty…


I want to be a buried

In the deep blue sea

Where all the crabs and  prawns and things

Can make a feast on me

I probably won’t taste as good

As they did to me

But that’s the way the factory works

When you enter Eternity.


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Anyone for a bit of marriage?

‘I can see that look in your eye,’ says Rosemary.

‘What look?’ asks Ronald.

‘It’s the look of a man that’s about to propose.’

‘But, I wasn’t even looking at you.’

‘I’ve seen it before, I’m telling you.’

‘Yes, sorry.’

‘They never do look into your eyes. It’s always just above your eyes that they stare: your forehead.’


‘Yes. And if we marry, that’s’ two years of our lives… Gone,’ says Rosemary, clipping her fingers in the air. ‘Just like that. It’s a wasted enterprise. Do you hear me?’

‘Yes, well, Rosemary. You like a good celebration though don’t you?’

‘I do.’ says Rosemary

‘I do.’ says Ronald

Their gazes fix for less than a second – but it feels much longer.

Welcome to Rosemary and Ronald. Two characters who live in the novel ‘Find Mark’. This conversation is not in my novel but I did manage to earwig it today.


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The Crazed Witch has hijacked Plurk

Apparently it’s no longer tweeting but plurking…

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