My debut novel

After being persuaded to go for a drive in a new Aston Martin, Howard and his best friend Mark are involved in a fatal car crash.They reach the afterlife, an area where you are given the choice of how you would like to spend your last traces of life. However, Mark’s incompetent angel has passed Mark before his time and subsequently forces Howard to choose the option “Find Mark”, sending him on a journey to cover the angel’s mistakes.

‘Find Mark is a mesmerizing literary title that has dry humor and a bit of fun for everyone’s mind.’

Find Mark will be released on March 17th of 2012.

Find Mark cover design is by Aaron Munday at 12 Orchards.


3 responses to “My debut novel

  1. Tracy Traynor

    I look forward to reading your book Bec, good luck with the launch, Tracy T x

  2. Hi Bec
    trying hard to get my blog up and going, not so easy! will keep trying.

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