Being published

‘Find Mark’ release: March 2012.
‘Find Mark is a mesmerizing literary title that has dry humor and a bit of fun for everyone’s mind.’

I imagined it for months and months: that letter, that email that says, we love your book and we want to publish you. Time passed and in the end I just decided that a good old, “I enjoyed you book”, from a family member would be good enough.

And then one day… I came home to an email from Dam Good Publishing who said they wanted to publish me. And of course, I said, YES, three times in fact, just to be sure that they understood. I love the way Dam Good Publishing works, they really help you promote, by getting you on blogs etc…

I’ve been doing a bit of research since the dam good news though and realise that it’s not a great idea simply leaving it all to them. It’s something like 5% writing and 95% marketing, marketing… need I say it three times?

Here’s how I found my publisher…

I placed my first few chapters on a writers site. I used authonomy. The feedback from other writers was the only hope of improving my manuscript so that it reached a standard that could be taken seriously. I didn’t like the criticism at first, but it was vital.  Also, this is where I bumped into Dam Good Publishing.


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